About The Site

Inspired by the Beauty all around Me

My goal as a landscape photographer is to capture an intimate moment and bring the viewer into the scene as if they were sharing the beauty standing right next to me.

After realizing that I had spent most of my time taking photographs of places I visited (vacations and such) it suddenly occurred to me that there was an abundance of beautiful places all around me. With that in mind I created this site to remind me, and hopefully to encourage you to take a look around the San Francisco Bay Area and the Central/Northern California coast. My images are primarily focused around the ocean & landscapes, but I always have a camera of some kind with me so other interesting things show up as well.

I will be adding and replacing images as I get better representations of the areas displayed.

The images on this site have been kept small in size and resolution to help make it easier to browse through. If you are interested in larger high-resolution viewing, many of the images on this site can be found here:

The Perceptive Image

If you have any comments or questions you can contact me using the form below.