Wilder Ranch State Park

wilder-ranch-thumbWilder Ranch State Park

Outstanding coastal views along a 4.5 mile hike along the coastal bluff. Wonderful ocean vistas and amazing cliffs and coves. If you are not up to hiking the path is quite suitable for bikes.

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The hike: The path, an old ranch road heads toward the coast. Signs warn you not to head left to Wilder Beach (where the snowy plovers dwell) and discourage you from heading right, where pesticides are used on the fields of Brussels sprouts.
The trail offers a bird’s-eye view of the surf surging into a sea cave, then turns north and follows the cliff edge.
Old Landing Cove is smaller than you imagine, and you wonder how the coastal schooners of old managed to maneuver into such small confines. If it’s low tide, you might see harbor seals resting atop the flat rocks located offshore.
One more natural attraction at the cove: a fern-filled sea cave. The ferns are watered by an underground spring.
The trail continues another half mile along the bluffs, offering vistas at seals basking on the rocks below to sandy beach. This is a good turnaround point (for a 3.5 mile round trip).
Ambitious hikers will continue north another 3.5 miles along land’s end, following footpaths and ranch roads past Strawberry Beach, and Three Mile Beach, retreating inland now and then to bypass deep gullies, and finally arriving at the park’s north boundary at Four Mile Beach. A splendid coastal hike!